Our unique position enables us to provide our clients and partners with deep industry knowledge and insights. Your growth efforts begin with the right media for your marketing efforts. Our services for developers, brands, agencies and ad networks include media planning, buying and executing efficient and transparent performance campaigns that maximize ROI. Our system supports all leading third-party mobile tracking MMP’s, which allows you to enjoy 100% transparency.


Programmatic media buying

 Buying traffic programmatically is an automated, highly targeted and fully transparent method.

We support s2s integration and the latest OpenRTB Protocol. Our technology enables us to use hundreds of unique data points to connect with premium direct publishers, leading SSP’s, and Ad Exchanges, while our data-driven tools make accurate bid predictions and enables us to buy any type of media, advertise in premium sites, target specific users, and acquire any type of media all in real time. 

To ensure safety and protect our partner best interest, we are integrated with some of the top anti-fraud solutions, in order to detect, mark and block suspicious channels in real-time, starting from the pre-bid stage.


 The demand for transparency is slowly becoming the norm, and In-app advertising is rapidly growing.

From banner through native ads and all to in-app video and playable ads, in-app advertising contains better opportunity to target the right audience at the right time, higher click-through rates, and a chance to engage users at the moment they are most receptive.

Through direct integration with leading apps & SDK partners, we will help you to get insights of in-app advertising complex world, make effective strategic decisions and get exclusive access to advertisement within broad selection of direct apps with worldwide coverage.

Machine Learning Based Optimization

The word optimize is used way too often. And just like all the buzzwords in the Ad-tech ecosystem, optimization has come to mean something that doesn’t hold much weight anymore.

One simply cannot analyze large amounts of data, process them and programmatically run campaigns at scale. When algorithms are introduced into the equation, that is when accounts can truly be optimized, especially with machine learning.

Our proprietary smart optimization Algorithm operates in real time, acquiring knowledge of particular characteristics, and identifying trends based on gathering of all available data streaming through our servers.

With algorithms automatically changing bids and respecting your budgets and benchmarks, we can be fully devoted to your campaign success and growth.